With Christmas & Millie’s birthday being only THREE days apart I need to be super organised this time of year. Millie will be turning Two *insert tears, where did my baby go?!* this December and I’m so excited to see her get more interested and excited about her Christmas and Birthday presents!

 As we will be overseas for both Christmas and her birthday this year, I’ve really struggled with what to get her as it needs to be ‘suitcase friendly’. With that said, I’ve still got her some bigger items which she will get either before or after our holiday. The perks of having a two year old that doesn’t completely understand yet – if there was any year to travel over the holidays, this one was it!

I’ve put together an edited list of what she will be getting this year – from us and from her extended family – enjoy! (click for links to purchase)

 1. SMALLSTUFF Rosaline Dolls Cot – This is her big ticket item this year. I really wanted to invest in a good quality timeless cot that maybe even one day she will pass down to her own baby! This one was just perfect! And ties in beautifully with the theme of her bedroom (she may have already opened this one!)

 2. FurReal Friends Bootsie Cat – Millie is cat OBSESSED. Unfortunately for her, her daddy is allergic so this will be the closest thing she’ll get to having one for a very long time!

3. Rebbeca Judd Loves x Adairs Billie Bunny – Millie saw this in Adairs the other day and she wouldn’t leave without it! So I’ve secretly stashed it away for her birthday. Again, it’s so beautiful and will fit in perfect with her room decor!

4. Little Live Pets Bird + Cage – As I mentioned earlier – not only is Millie cat obsessed, she is animal obsessed and one of her favourites are birds. I have a feeling this little bird will keep her entertained for hours!

5. Baby Born Doll – Since she was getting the dolls cot, it only seemed fitting to get her a new doll to go with, and this one is super interactive which I think she will love playing mummy with.

6. Water & Sand Table – The perfect toy for summer! You can find these tables at most toy stores or even at your local Woolworths in Australia! This will come in so handy on those hot summer days and will also be great for sand when the weather starts to cool down.

 7. Peppa Pig Campervan Toy – Peppa is everything in our household. It’s the only show Millie will watch & watch & watch and never seems to get tired of. She’s always chatting away about Peppa and George. I have a feeling she will be receiving a lot of Peppa merch this year!

As for stocking fillers, she will be getting a few small items such as books & pyjamas (which will be Peppa Pig, of course!)

Happy Shopping!

Chloe x

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