So eyebrows have been a HUGE priority of mine the past few years, they’ve slowly become the one thing I have to do before leaving the house even if i’m just running into the supermarket for milk!
I’ve got my ‘brow routine’ down to about one minute – a quick brush through and a few strokes of pencil and i’m good to go. However, the thought of waking up and my brows still being ‘visible’ completely excites me!

Microblanding, feathering, whatever you like to call it, has been on my radar for a while and i’ve seen some amazing before and afters. For me it was all about finding the right artist to do the job that I completely trusted to do some permanent work on my face! I’ve been having my brows ‘sculpted’ (perfectly measured, waxed, trimmed and tinted) by the lovely Rhiarna for months now and my brows have never looked better, so when she told me she was starting to do microblading I knew it was a match made in heaven!

Fast forward a few months and the day was finally here. First of all numbing cream was applied to my eyebrows for about 20 minutes, then the ‘drawing up’ happens. This took about an hour to perfectly measure and draw the shape which would be micro bladed. I felt completely comfortable during this and I was then shown the shape to check if I was happy to continue.

The ‘drawing up’ process

The first step to microblading is the outline of the eyebrow. Basically, they cut little strokes (hair strokes) around the perimeter of the eyebrow. Personally, I found this part SUPER painful. Numbing cream has never really had much effect on me so to be honest I wasn’t surprised. Unless you make the cut within minutes of the cream being applied it’s completely useless to me. After a lot of deep breaths and staying extremely still the outline was complete. Thaaaaank gaaawd.

The next part is applying the colour mixed with more numbing cream to the entire brow. This product stings like a B but the sensation wears off in seconds as the numbing part of the cream takes effect. Now they start microblading the inner part of the eyebrow and applying the colour. They go between each brow and while one is being micro bladed the other eyebrow has the colour/numbing cream applied to it. This part was sill very uncomfortable and somewhat painful. It was no where near as bad as the outline but still, ouch.

After around 30 minutes it’s all over and you get to see your new brows! I was honestly SO HAPPY with how mine turned out. They still looked like MY brows, super natural, not too dark, not too bold, not too square!

You should get given a list of do’s and don’ts and how to care for your brows for the next week or so while they heal. Basically you cannot get water directly on them, you need to apply a cream to them every few hours throughout the day to protect them and so on. I found applying vaseline to each brow before showering works really well at keeping any water off them.

It’s been 5 days since my brows were done and the only discomfort i’ve experienced is itchiness. OH MY GOODNESS I’VE WANTED TO CLAW THEM OFF. But if they get itchy a quick touch up of more cream and you’re good for another few hours.

It will be interesting to see how they continue to heal over the coming days but i’m feeling very positive about the overall experience. In around 8 weeks time I’m booked for a touch up appointment as some of the strokes can fall out during the healing process.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence as to whether you get this done or not, i say DO IT! Even if you do experience some pain like myself, it’s totally worth it!

Chloe x

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