I recently shared my ‘before and after’ photos on my instragram stories and received so many questions as to what I’ve been doing in regards to my diet and exercise. I’ve now lost a total of 7kgs and am feeling SO much stronger and fitter than before my pregnancy.

In May this year I decided to change my eating habits and educate myself more on nourishing my body and seeing how it responds. I basically gave up all refined carbohydrates and refined sugars and together, with exercise, I was amazed at the results. 7 months on and I have re introduced some breads, rice, and oats back into my diet. I try to have these foods at dinner time and use them for fuel for my morning workout the next day which is usually a cardio workout.

Here is what I eat in a typical day:

7.30AM – I have a full fat milk latte – I CANNOT start my day without this!

 9.00AM – After my workout I have a protein smoothie for breakfast containing 1/2 frozen banana, a handful of frozen strawberries, Happy Way Vanilla protein powder, Spinach and Coconut milk.

12 noon – For lunch today I had my usual salad. This is chicken cooked in coconut aminos, roasted sweet potato, spinach and avocado. I generally eat this same salad for lunch most days but switch the protein up. Some days I have this with tuna or any left over meat from dinner the previous night.

 2.30PM – Coffee and Snack time! I have my second coffee for the day which is a long black with a dash of cream.  Today I also had a clean treat protein ball as I was craving something sweet.

4.00PM – On this particular day I was hungry again (let’s be honest i’m ALWAYS hungry) so I had a pink lady apple and half a banana with some peanut butter.

6.00PM – Dinner! Tonight was a colder night so I made a Thai Green Chicken Curry. This is basically just chicken breast, green curry paste, broccoli, green beans, coconut milk and cashew nuts. I had this with a side of coconut rice. I find having the rice separately on the side helps me with portion control. I just add some rice as I am eating and try to fill up on the curry itself first.

And that’s everything I ate! Super simple but also very tasty and filling!

Chloe xx

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