Considering it’s already March (eeek!) I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek into how I’m staying organised and focused this year. For the first time in years I’m back into setting monthly & yearly goals, writing them down and staying on track to achieve them.

I’ve always loved a paper diary and have been using one for years, there is just something about stationary, pens and paper that I will always love. However, some weeks the diary thing just doesn’t happen, or there will an entire month where I won’t be using it – especially now since I’m not going into an office for work each day.

When I discovered the concept of the Bullet Journal it spoke to me, mostly because it is so customisable, if you don’t use it for a few weeks, you just pick right back up where you left off and haven’t wasted a month of pages! Secondly, because you create each page, it is perfect for list making, a weekly diary, daily diary, an entire page each month to setting your goals, the uses are endless. It can meet your needs exactly how you see fit.

There are a tonne of blogs and videos online which can show you just what you can do with your Bullet Journal, however I have taken a very basic approach to my layout and it is working so well for me. Last month I achieved 6 out of my 7 monthly goals (GO ME!!) I think writing them down each month and constantly seeing them really helped keep me focused. There is nothing more satisfying than ticking each one off!

At the beginning of every month, I usually spend a couple of minutes doodling the month, to be honest I find this very therapeutic! Followed by a page dedicated to my goals for that month, my photo ideas and any blog post ideas I have for that month.

The next two page spread is used as my weekly diary, and in here I will write up everything I need to do that day plus any appointments and commitments I may have.

Like I mentioned earlier, the possibilities are endless and you can get very fancy with your Bullet Journal, but for me this simple approach is working so well and I much prefer this method to a standard diary. Also, if you haven’t yet used a ‘grid’ style notebook you must give it a go!

I purchased my Bullet Journal here online from Amazon, and I must give credit to HelloOctobers youtube video for the inspiration behind this particular journal and approach!

I’d love to know if anyone else out there has made the switch to a Bullet Journal?!

Chloe xx

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