It feels like just yesterday I was typing out Amelia’s birth story – it’s true when they say how fast it all goes! Before I get into the nitty gritty of my second birth story I just want to point out that my Labour was induced and I had a very positive experience. I know before I was induced I was googling and reading blog posts and to be honest, only wanted to read/hear about all the positive experiences so I didn’t freak out. I know inductions have a bit of bad rep, but if you are having an induction I hope my story can calm your nerves just a tad!

My induction began on Tuesday 9th January 2019, I went up to the Labour Ward for an examination to check if my cervix was favourable for induction the following morning. (For those that don’t know, basically the doctors need to be able to break your waters to start the induction, and your cervix needs to be open in order for them to do this) This being my second baby, and having quite a few pre labour pains leading up to this day I was quite confident this part would be quite simple. Wrong. My cervix was completely closed and unfavourable. This meant I needed to have a balloon catheter inserted to mechanically open my cervix which can take up to 24 hours to work. Ok. Not the worst problem. So the doctor tried to insert the balloon. And again. And again. Another doctor came and also had a try but with no success. I was feeling so deflated! One of the more senior doctors came to discuss my options with me, and also attempted the balloon insertion. Success! Apparently I was one of the most difficult cases as my cervix is curved! Who knew! So off home I went with instructions to come back at 6am to check if it has worked and then break my waters.

A few hours later I was feeling quite uncomfortable at home and was having a few niggles. I went to stand up and the entire balloon (picture two tennis balls of water) just FELL out of me. WTF. This is quite uncommon and can usually take up to 24 hours to work at all. I immediately phoned the labour ward as I was bleeding and they said to come straight in.

I was convinced this ‘balloon’ didn’t work and was quite upset. The doctor came in to do an examination and as it turns out, I was 4cm dilated and in pre labour!

Quick selfie before they broke my waters

I arrived back at the hospital the following morning, my waters were broken at around 8am and I was hooked up to the drugs (to start the contractions) at 830am. For the next hour not a lot happened, I had a few small irregular contractions which weren’t too painful at all, ate some breakfast in bed and watched The Today Show. By 930am I felt like I was in proper labour! Ohh the memories of the pain came rushing back. By 1030am I was quite a lot of pain and very uncomfortable. The position of my baby meant most of my labour pain was in my lower back which was awful! I was starting to think about pain relief, my midwife checked me and I was ONLY 3-4cm dialled. Ugh!! I felt like I was in for a loooong day and wasn’t sure if I could handle this pain all day.

The anaesthetist was busy in theatre so an epidural wasn’t an option at this point! For the next hour I just continued on labouring, the contractions were so intense. All of a sudden my body just started involuntary ‘pushing’. I wasn’t doing anything, my body felt as if it was forcing the baby out. The midwife did another check (as surely I couldn’t be ready to push?!) and yep, I was 10cm and the head was right there. I think I then gave a couple of pushes, but to be honest my body just knew what is was doing and out he came! At 12.01pm Flynn Surtees entered the world! I can’t believe how fast I went from 3cm to meeting my baby! One wee stitch, a shower, a check to see if we were both all OK and we were back at home by 6pm. It was honestly such a positive experience and I am so grateful it all worked out and I had a very healthy baby. 3.2kgs of perfection!


Chloe xx

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